Monday, June 20, 2016

“How is your ankle?”
Her stomach fluttered the second she heard his voice. “Purple.”
“I figured as much. You don’t wear high heels too often do you?”
“Not five-inch stilettos.”
He laughed, a sexy rumble that went straight to her core. “I have some reports I want you to look over. There is still something missing. I’ve racked my brain trying to figure it out, but I’ve only given myself a headache. A fresh set of eyes would be nice.”
“Uh, okay.” She glanced at the clock. “I’ll go over it first thing in the morning.”
“Actually, I was wondering if you could do it today. I’m heading out to Japan for a business meeting tomorrow and I won’t be back until Friday. It’s either that or take you to Japan with me.”
Her eyes widened. “I can’t go to Japan.”
“That’s what I thought. I’ll be over in a few.”
He hung up and she stared at the phone. “I’m not even dressed yet. And it’s a Sunday…”
She set the phone aside and scrambled to her closet to find something to wear. She found a pair of jeans and matched it with a white button-down t-shirt with three quarter-inch sleeves. Next she went into the bathroom and combed her hair, deciding a ponytail would have to do. Hayden called out to her when he entered the house.
What was she supposed to tell her son? She had no clue.
Meeting him in the kitchen, she kissed his cheek in passing while he sorted through his bag. “I got you an extra biscuit.”
She smiled. “You really do love me.”
“Of course I do.” He grinned. “I met Holly last night. Completely ugly. I thought Dad was joking when he introduced her. She can’t cook worth shit either.”
Kristin chuckled. “Uh-oh. Does that mean you’re staying with me for Spring break? We can have your favorite lasagna every night if you want, like when you were a kid.”
He smiled and handed her the food. “I wish. Dad said he had big plans for us. I hope he doesn’t expect me to eat the food she cooks. I mean seriously, Mom, it was meatloaf. How do you screw up meatloaf?”
She rubbed his back. “I don’t know, sweetie.”
Kristin tried to hide her disappointment. Rick was never around while Hayden was growing up. How that gave her ex-husband the right to claim time with him whenever he felt like it now, she had no idea. She knew she should be happy her son had bonded with his father, but she still felt disappointed every time he chose Rick over her.
She carried her food into the dining room, with Hayden following her. “Are you expecting someone, Mom?”
She lifted her gaze and saw Mr. Bosk walking up the sidewalk. She’d completely forgotten about him. “Yes. Don’t read anything into it.”
Hayden laughed and took his seat at the table. Kristin excused herself to answer the door.
“My son is here, so you can’t stay.”
Mr. Bosk glanced up and she spotted Hayden waving at him from the dining room. He waved back. “He doesn’t seem to mind.”
Kristin blocked the entryway. “You can’t do this, Mr. Bosk. We’re not dating. We’re not a couple. You are my boss and that is it. Today is my day off, and while I agreed to help you, I plan on spending as much time with my son as possible.”
“That’s fine. You know what you’re looking for, so it probably won’t take but a few minutes.” He stepped closer, invading her space.
She breathed deeply, taking in his scent, a spicy aroma that could make even a nun’s panties wet. He hadn’t shaved that morning, instead leaving the stubble covering his chin. His eyes were dark and warm. Something Jamie would call bedroom eyes. She had no doubt that he’d thought about her in his bed because she had thought about it, too.
“I think I should have rethought the going to Japan offer.”
He grinned, showing his perfect white teeth. “The offer is still on the table.”
Why was he so damn tempting? “I don’t think so.”
“Then let me in.”
Kristin rolled her eyes and stepped back. Mr. Bosk entered, making himself completely at home as he made his way to the dining room. She shut the door and followed.
“There’s an extra biscuit in the kitchen if you want one.” Hayden motioned to the doorway.
Kristin stared at her son. He had better not be talking about my extra biscuit. “Have a seat. I’m hungry so we’re eating breakfast before I start work.”
“Is she always like this in the morning?” Mr. Bosk asked.
Hayden grinned. “Not normally. You must have ruffled her feathers.”
Mr. Bosk smiled and Kristin groaned. She was again surprised at her son’s ability to be so easygoing with this stranger in their home. “I’ll be right back.”
She escaped to the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed. Damn him for making her react this way. She didn’t want to admit it, but her panties were damp. There was no way she could face her boss and her son like that. She undid her pants and pulled off her panties. It was uncomfortable enough. She didn’t need the added distraction. After tossing them in the cabinet beneath the sink, she grabbed a tube of lip gloss and painted her lips.
When she returned, Hayden chatted to Mr. Bosk about Holly, his father’s new girlfriend. “You should see her. I wanted to ask Dad if that was the best he could do, but I thought about it and figured, it probably was. He’s an ass most days, if Mom hasn’t already told you.”
Mr. Bosk glanced over at her as Kristin took the seat at the end of the table, away from them. “I don’t bite, you know.”
“With you, anything is possible.” Kristin glanced up at her son. “What project are you doing on Chaucer?”
She ignored the grin on Mr. Bosk’s face and the questioning look in her son’s eyes.
“Uh, just a comparative essay on his literary works. I haven’t read anything by him and I knew we had his books.” Hayden shrugged.
“And your father remembered they were at my house?”
“Yep. He doesn’t read. You know that.” Hayden lifted his glass to his lips. “I think I’ve finally decided on a major. I’m leaning toward business administration like Dad. He told me that I could have a job with him once I graduated. All I have to do is get my degree.”
Frustration ebbed at her. “That sounds great, but I thought you wanted to do something in the field of science.”
“Nah. I’ve already got a job waiting for me. I’d be crazy to pass it up.” He stood and cleaned up his mess. “Holly is planning a get-together with her family this evening and Dad wanted me to be there. I’m not looking forward to it, but I agreed to go.”
“You don’t have to go yet, do you?” Kristin watched as her son returned to the kitchen.
“Well, Dad gave me some money and I’d planned on going shopping for some new jeans. I ripped out the knees of my last good pair when I did that skateboarding jump last summer.”
“I can go with you. It’d be fun hanging out all day.”
“Thanks, but no guy wants to go shopping with his mom.” Hayden came to her and kissed her cheek. “Besides, you have company.”
Kristin pushed the chair away from the table. “Hayden.”
She stared at her son, realizing his father had won, yet again. She’d raised him to be the decent human being he was and his father was currently reaping the rewards.
“I love you.”
Her son smiled. “Yeah. I know. Me too, Mom.”
She watched him leave.
“You okay?”
Kristin closed her eyes a brief moment before turning around. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”
Mr. Bosk stood. “I don’t know. Your son chose your prick of an ex-husband over you… Again.”
“He needs his father.”
“Yet he’s completely oblivious to how you feel.” Mr. Bosk gripped her shoulders. His thumbs worked small circles in the tense muscles.
“How do I feel?”
“Disappointed. From what I gathered, you raised him on your own. You probably consider your ex’s time spent with Hayden a free ride. He didn’t change the diapers. He didn’t scare the monsters away. Yet, he is the one who gets what you want most of all. Your son’s time.”
Kristin took a deep breath. “You’re good. You should be a psychologist.”
Mr. Bosk gave her a sexy chuckle. “I don’t think so. I am good at reading people though.”
She turned in his arms. “What did you read about me?”
“Many things. I’d bet every penny I own that there is a wild woman inside you begging to come out. I’d also bet that she only reveals herself between the sheets when she knows it is safe and she doesn’t have to be responsible anymore. When she doesn’t have to think or worry because she knows her lover will take care of her and every single need she has.”
Kristin swallowed hard. “You really want inside my panties, don’t you?”

“You’re not wearing any panties.” She felt her eyes widen in shock. “You’re cool on the surface and hot as sin underneath it all. Eventually, I’m going to strip away the barriers and bring out the woman dying to be released.”

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