Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Coming Soon--April 2016

Coming Soon from Evernight Publishing: Seduced by the CEO

Kristin Marsh landed her dream job with Bosk Entertainment as a CPA. She had everything she could really ask for and then some. However, when her mysterious boss calls her into his office to sigh a confidentiality agreement, she didn’t know what to expect.

Micah Bosk was know for his strict ways in the boardroom, but this dominant man dabbled into the kinky lifestyle associated with bondage. It lead him to purchasing The Black Rose, a hotspot fetish club in the heart of Denver. But when the smart businessman looks over the books, he discovers the numbers simply don’t add up.

Micah seeks Kristin’s help with his financials and slowly introduces the good girl to his kinky world. She is sexy and strong, perfect for what he wanted in a sub but she has reservations about a no strings affair with her boss. He can show her the kinky pleasures he enjoyed but will her need for commitment be a deal breaker?

Coming Soon from Siren: On the Hunt (Shifters of North Point 2)

 August Rinehard took his job as a soldier in the shifter’s rebel army seriously. This lone wolf had a simple mission: find India and get her back. Their beloved leader’s sister had been targeted by the humans and if they got her, the world could delve into utter chaos. However, along the way, he finds hurt wolf, Kory, a shifter that was subjected to the humans entrapment and torture. The two hit it off immediately and the passion between them sizzles. But the lone wolf doesn’t want a relationship, or worse, mate. While they search for their leader’s beloved sister, the pull of the moon is nearly unbearable. A quick romp in the sack leads to the beginning of the bonding phase that neither of them can deny. Can these two loners find a happy life together? Or will their bond be the end of them both?


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