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The first book in the Shifters of North Point series...

Ten years ago, a serum was invented to suppress the supernatural abilities of the wolf shifters of North Point. After being injected with the serum, Alex Black moved to the city and away from North Point’s wolf sanctuary, a place he’d called home all of his life. Alex lived a good life in the city as a detective and kept himself in good favor of the mayor. However, when a case of disappearing people brings him face to face with his former lover, Braden, Alex is forced to confront his past and those in it.
Braden Kohler never forgot what it felt like when his lover, Alex, told him he’d been injected with the serum to make him human. The hurt and betrayal burned deeper than he could have ever imagined. Moreover, the way the humans treated the wolf shifters hurt him more. When the shifters declared war on the humans, Braden accepted a role as a soldier in the rebel army.
Now he doesn't want to admit that he needs Alex's help, but his former lover is the only one who can get them what they want. Once they reunite, sparks fly and the desire to rekindle their romance becomes imminent. Can passion between two shifters override the need for vengeance? Or will these two find themselves in more trouble than they can dream of?

Exclusive Excerpt:
“So you did come.”
Alex turned his head and watched as his former lover came out of the shadows. Even though years separated them, he was still one hot fucking bastard. Alex’s breath caught in his chest as he took him in. His skin gleamed a dark bronze. He’d let his hair grow out and had tied it back at the crown of his head. The sides of his head were shaven, and he had a warrior look to him and the attire to match. A loose-fitting white shirt hung over the hard muscles of his chest and abdomen while brown leather-looking pants clung to the muscular thighs and disappeared into the tops of his black knee-high boots. He looked delicious.
“You’ve lost your touch, but I guess living in the city does that to you. I could hear you get out of your car and every footstep you made in the forest.”
Alex’s cock stirred in his pants as Braden’s lips tilted slightly in a friendly smile. “I thought we were meeting at the lake.”
“This is the lake.” Braden motioned to the black hole that Alex hadn’t seen before. “This is what’s become of it anyway. A once beautiful place now slowing turning to ruins.”
Alex frowned. “That’s terrible.”
“Yeah. I know.”
There was something unspoken lingering between them. Braden had the most vivid blue eyes Alex had ever seen, and there was a deep hurt there. He didn’t know if it was from where they’d left things between them or from the dire conditions he’d been living in. Either way, guilt poured through Alex, harsher than a tidal wave to shore. He wasn’t responsible for any of it. That he knew rationally, but at the same time, he regretted not helping Braden more. Helping his kind more.
“You said you needed to talk to me?” Alex looked away, hoping to hide the guilt and the regret he felt from his lover. Former lover.
“Yeah.” He took a few steps closer. “There is a group of rogue wolves planning to attack the city this full moon.”
Alex frowned. “Why?”
Braden swallowed hard. “The army has used the serum to control the wolves in the city while keeping us here and treating us like caged rats. We’re tired of it. We were here first, before the humans. This is our land, and we’re taking it back.”
Alex turned to stare at him. “We?”
Braden’s gaze didn’t waver. “Yes. We. I was appointed general of the rebel alliance.”
Was he fucking joking? Alex shook his head. “Are you insane? They’ll kill you. They will shoot you dead if you even try to cross through the fucking gate.”
“It’s better than living like this.” Braden shook his head furiously. “We’re running out of food. Some of the guards taunt us that they can take away everything we’ve got and watch us turn on each other like rabid dogs. It wouldn’t shock me if that was the plan anyway.”
“So you attack the city. Then what?”
“We’re not just attacking the city. We’re attacking those responsible.”
Alex snorted. “The mayor? Really? You think you’re just going to walk into the mayor’s office or home and he’s going to let you? That man is heavily guarded at all times. They would shoot you for even blinking at the man wrong.”
Braden didn’t say anything. Alex knew a lot had happened. But this? Waging war on the mayor? The government? The army? Braden had to be fucking insane. The more Alex thought about it, the more pissed off he grew. Why would Braden want to lead a suicide mission? He was smarter than that.
“It’s a suicide mission.” Alex propped his hand on his hip. “You can’t honestly think that you’ll get away with it.” He shook his head. “Why are you telling me this anyway?”
“Aren’t you friends with the mayor?”
Alex’s eyes widened. “Oh, no. No. No. No.”
“You’re going to smuggle me into the city. I know the mayor meets with you. You’re going to get me a meeting with him. By the time the full moon arises, the other wolves can join me in the city.”
He was fucking insane. Completely fucking insane. Alex didn’t have weekly meetings with the mayor. The mayor simply requested to see him. Because he liked him. Because he thought Alex liked him back, which he did not. Alex did only what he had to stay alive. Nothing more, nothing less.
“You don’t know shit.” Alex tried moving back toward the way he’d come, and Braden took a step closer.
“Hey, I don’t blame you for taking a lover. It’s not like we’re fucking anymore anyway.”
Alex gave a humorless laugh. “Wow. Thanks for the permission. Fuck off, Braden. We’re through. I’m done with this. Get some other asshat to carry out this ridiculous plan. Maybe if you blow the guard, he’ll give you a boost over the fence.”
Before Alex could blink, Braden knocked him to his back, the air whooshing from Alex’s lungs. He’d pinned him with the heavy weight of his body, pressing him into the ground as he leaned over him, piercing him with his deep blue eyes. Alex tried to reach for his gun, but Braden kneed his stomach.
“Don’t fucking try it.” His hand was on Alex’s throat, his nails biting into his skin enough to cause pain but not cut him. “You turned your back on us the moment you accepted that goddamn serum. You can either help us now to take back what is ours, or you can die. I’m not playing these fucking games with you anymore.”
Alex blinked a few times. “You’ll never get what we lost. They’re too fucking powerful.”
Braden squeezed Alex’s throat. “Then at least I can have the cushy lifestyle you’re living.”
“Or end up dead. You could win, and good for you, but chances are that you won’t. Then what is all this for?”
Braden let him go and pulled away, staring down at him. So maybe this was about them, too. Braden lived in hell while Alex lived in heaven. Alex sat up and rubbed his throat. The warmth from Braden’s body had dissipated into the cooler air, and Alex missed it immediately. He didn’t try to hide the erection pressing against his pants, nor did he look at Braden while he thought about what the hell he was going to do.
“I’m sorry,” Alex finally said. “I didn’t seek out the serum. They caught me. I was given a choice of this or death. Maybe I should have chosen the bullet instead.”
Braden’s tone was enough to make Alex look up at him. That unspoken thing between them grew stronger the longer they stared at each other. He couldn’t say what he wanted to say, though the words seemed so moot now.
Braden held out his hand, and Alex took it. He dusted himself off and blew out a breath. Could he really let a werewolf into the city to kill the mayor? Should he? God, he didn’t know the answer. He didn’t know if they could even get past the army at the gate.
“Wolves are a threat to me now, too. I can’t defend myself like you. If you take over the city, then I’m going to get caught in the trap.”
“I will protect you.”
“You can’t, Braden. You can’t protect me from yourself. You know that.”
“I didn’t attack you the first time.” Braden glanced over at him. “I could have ripped your throat out.”
“Why didn’t you?”
Braden blew out a breath. “Because I loved you.”

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