Wednesday, October 21, 2015

“When’s the last time someone has touched you, hmm?” He took a step toward her and reached out to brush her hair behind her shoulder. “When’s the last time someone has nibbled on your ear or swirled their tongue around your hard nipples?”
Charlotte swallowed hard. Her morals were sorely losing. Her reserve slipped away as he teased her more. Vaguely, she knew a dagger rested in the vest. All she had to do was pull it out to gain the upper hand. But part of her didn’t want to. Part of her wanted what he offered. Seemingly, a very large part.
His hand touched her shoulder and slid downward over her breast. He didn’t cup her, but simply touched. When he reached her stomach, his hot flesh nearly scorched her. She quivered with need.
“Dare I even ask when was the last time a man’s head was between your legs lapping at those soft, slick folds?” His eyes were dark and dangerous. He looked too thoroughly pleased with himself. She knew he could smell her. Knew he’d achieved the goal he’d set out to do. His hand pressed against her mound, his fingers deftly finding her clit.
“There comes a point in time when using your own fingers gets boring.” He tapped the aching bud through the leather. “It’s more fun when someone puts their mouth to it, sucks your clit and makes you scream. Or maybe circle it lightly with the tip of their tongue until you writhe and squirm with pleasure.”
She closed her eyes as his warm breath fanned against her face. He played between her legs as much as the unforgiving leather would let him. She knew she desperately needed to break the trance. Hell, she probably should have extracted herself from the situation all together. He was a nuisance, she had to remember that. But at the moment, she couldn’t remember why.
“I’m not shy, sweetheart.” He whispered it against her cheek. “I’ll give you what you want.”
The sound of a zipper being released had her opening her eyes and staring at him. He had her vest undone. She waited, watching his big hand slip beneath the leather to cup one of her bare breasts. He squeezed lightly before pushing her vest from her shoulders.
“Both nipples pierced. Nice.” He leaned down, and the warmth of his mouth surrounded her aching nipple. He played with the bar, dragging his wet tongue over the sensitive flesh. A rebellious adventure in another realm had left her with body jewelry that only intimate partners could see.
He held her to him while he sucked her flesh. Somewhere in rationality, she knew it had to stop. She knew that she was stronger than his power. She pushed at his head, forcing him away from her. She had the best of intentions. The need to keep him at bay was there, and the few seconds she kept him an arm’s length away from her lessened intensity. But he had no desire to let her go yet. His hands went to her pants and tugged. The cool air hit her bare thighs as he knelt before her.
She needed this. God, how she needed him to give her the release she wanted. That brief pause of sanity dissipated as she stood before him. He gripped the backs of her thighs and smiled, staring at her bare pussy.
“Another piercing. I think I like this one better.”
“Shut up.” She grabbed his head and pulled his mouth against her.
His tongue slid along her folds. Charlotte closed her eyes reveling in the pleasure of it. He was a bastard, but he had a wickedly talented tongue. He licked her up and then down, dipping slightly into her pussy before moving up to suck on her clit. His fingers held her against him, keeping her steady while he worked. Oh, god, she knew she’d regret it later. She’d broken several personal rules not to mention she was supposed to be working. Instead of caring, she let him lift her leg out of one pant leg and prop it up on his shoulder. Her fingers gripped his scalp tightly as she lightly thrust her pelvis toward him. When pleasure shot through her, it threatened to knock her down.
Chandler caught her, his face wet from her juices. He rolled her to her front and moved in behind her. Lifting her ass so that she was up on her hands to brace herself, he pushed his cock inside her. The thick dick stretched her tight channel, making her feel every glorious inch of him. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. He gave her no mercy. Hard, bold strokes had her nearly slamming her face into the grass beneath her. His hand smacked her ass hard enough to make her yelp. Her pussy clenched around him tightly, and he groaned. Yeah, she needed this. Too bad it was with him.
She clutched fistfuls of grass and dropped her head down so that it rested on her arm. Sweat dripped from her despite the cooler night air. Chandler reached around her body, one hand cupping her breast, tugging hard on her nipple while the other rubbed her clit relentlessly.
“Oh, fuck yes.” Her pussy clutched him, pulsating around him as her release came for a second time.
He smacked her ass again and jerked inside her, filling her with hot cum as he damn near howled into the night. Chandler collapsed on top of her, forcing her body to the ground.
“Who knew fucking a warlord would be so much fun?”
She lay there a moment loving the cool earth against her hot flesh. “Don’t talk. You ruin everything when you open your mouth to speak.”
He chuckled and withdrew from her. He lay beside her, staring up at the stars. He had no interest in listening to her. “Word has it that the wolves of Hidden Palace are stirring up some trouble. It’s not a personal attack yet, but rumors are spreading about an impending war between the packs. They want to start a revolution, and there is nothing that the warlords can do about it. They could be your culprits.”
She turned to him, meeting his gaze. “Who is the head of this revolution? I can’t imagine Benny, the leader, would start this.”
He sat up. “One fuck for one piece of info.”
Charlotte rolled her eyes, unmoving. “There it is. That asshole quality of yours. I momentarily forgot why you were an asshole. Thanks for reminding me.”

He saluted her. “My pleasure.”


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