Tuesday, October 20, 2015

He took her to the apartment and grabbed the box of goodies he kept for fun times. He needed something hardcore and she didn’t protest. He grabbed what he wanted and led her to the playroom.
Layla immediately began taking her clothes off. He watched as she slowly revealed her body to him. Everything about her made him hard. She kicked her jeans and panties to the side and knelt in front of him, the way he’d told her. Damn, when she submitted to him, he felt on top of the world.
He took the ball gag and put it on her. Her eyes grew wide with curiosity. He secured a blindfold next. Lifting her up, he walked her to the suspension rope and bound her hands behind her back. He linked her wrists to the rope hanging from the ceiling and raised it just enough that she stood on her toes. He used a spreader bar on her ankles which kept her in the prime position for fucking.
But he wanted to play first.
He went to the wall of gadgets and selected a leather flogger. Silver moved back to her and slipped his hand between her legs. Cream coated his fingers. The very idea of her being restrained and available for his pleasure turned her on. He smoothed the flogger along the backs of her thighs, letting the leather strands tickle her skin. In her position, she couldn’t move. She couldn’t protest. Switching the flogger to the other end, he rubbed the handle down her inner thighs. He brushed it over her pussy, sliding it along her slit so that the handle rubbed against her clit. She whimpered.
His first time in the bondage scene happened when he had first joined the Charming Bastards MC. He’d been twenty-one and willing to fuck anything that spread her legs. While bondage wasn’t mandatory for members of the club, it did add to the excitement. It was a need he had in him that he couldn’t quite shake. A freedom of sorts for him.
Without warning she came, arching into the pressure of the flogger handle as he stroked the hard bud of her clit. While still in the throes of ecstasy, he gripped the handle of the flogger again and lightly slapped it on the underside of her ass cheeks. Layla jerked forward. The initial strike wasn’t meant to inflict pain. Her ass was sensitive and the touch of the leather tapping against her skin gave her a sense of shock. He loved it. He did it again and again. It didn’t make her ass red like the paddle, but it definitely reminded her he was in control. He smoothed his hands over the firm cheeks and pulled them apart.
The plug he’d brought with him would be big enough for her tight little hole. He wasn’t particularly fond of ass fucking, but he did like using plugs. Most of the women he had liked them too. He lubed up the blue glass plug and pressed it against her hole.
“Take a deep breath. Push back against it.” She did what he said and he inserted the plug, loving how her body welcomed everything he had to offer. “You look so fucking gorgeous. Ripe and perfect for fucking.”
Silver squeezed her breasts before leaving to find the last gadget he planned to use for the night. He opened one clamp and pinched her nipple. Layla moaned behind the gag and he brushed his hand along her cheek. Once he got the clamps situated on both of her nipples, he tugged the string between them.
Her mewling sounds had him tearing the gag from her mouth. His cock was in desperate need of attention and he wanted her lips surrounding him. He undid his jeans and pressed the weeping head of his cock to her wet mouth. Sliding into the moist depths, Silver knew this little fuck session wouldn’t last much longer. He thought his stamina would increase with age, but his inability to control what Layla did to him was what got him. She sucked him, her nimble tongue flicking over the sensitive underside of his cock. He stretched her lips wide as he pushed deeper, urging her to take more. He clutched the back of her head as he withdrew slightly and pushed in again.
When Silver was too close for comfort, he pulled away from her and put the gag back in place. Her body needed some release and he was more than happy to give it to her. Gripping her hips, he pressed his cock to her weeping pussy and thrust hard. She reflexively pulsed around him, massaging his entire length with her muscles. God, he would never get enough. He withdrew and slammed home again.
He slapped her ass as he shoved in her pussy, loving how his dick disappeared into the tight depths and reemerged with her moisture coating him. He damn near wanted to worship her. To eat her pussy and fuck her all the damn day. He would too if he could. Her tight warmth pulsated around him as she struggled in her binds. It was enough to push him into his own bliss.


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