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When Austin Beckham’s sister suggests that he build his dream deck in an effort to nurse his broken heart, he jumps on it. Keeping his mind and his hands occupied was a good idea. Avoiding his ex lover’s flamboyant displays of affection toward his new lover was an even better idea. However, Austin knew nothing about carpentry. Determined to gain information from the hardware store, he meets Roman, a sexy cashier that threatens to heat up Austin’s already sweltering hot summer with just one look.

Roman has worked in construction nearly his entire life and wanted a change after his father caught him with another man in a construction trailer on a job site. Taking a lower-paying job at the local hardware store, he meets unskilled do-it-yourselfers all the time but Austin was different.

What started out as a simple question from Austin turns into something more when Roman arrives at Austin’s house for a door instillation. Sexual tension crackles between the two men as they fight the temptation to give in to their desires. Playboy Roman is good with his hands but how will he handle matters of the heart?

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.


“Oh, shit.” Austin turned his head with obvious hopes of hiding from someone.
He watched as Roman glanced around to see the two men walking in the door. Two hand holding men that he wanted to avoid indefinitely. “I take it that’s the ex?”
Austin nodded. “He’s also my employer.”
Roman sized the two men up. “Which one?”
“The one in blue.” Austin forced a smile at the waitress brought them their drinks.
“He’s the reason you’re building a deck?”
“Well, my sister is the reason. She suggested a project to keep my mind off him. It didn’t work.”
Roman popped his straw out of the protective paper. “You still think about him?”
“Not while I’m with you.” Austin met his eyes and a faint tint of red covered his cheeks. “Look, let’s stop talking about Oliver.”
Roman took a sip of his drink. “Can’t.”
“Why not?”
Roman smiled. “He’s coming this way.”
“Austin. What a surprise.” The man in blue glanced from Austin to Roman. “Are you on a date?”
“As a matter of fact we are.” Roman stuck out his hand. “Roman McBride.”
“Uh…” Oliver took his hand. “Oliver Dudley. This is my partner, Ethan.”
His partner? Austin bit back a retort. They’d only been dating since the last week of school. It was hardly enough time to make such a claim. Especially when all they did was roll around in the sack. Austin refrained from rolling his eyes. Even that was used loosely. Oliver didn’t like sex. Orgasms, yes. Sex, no. Or at least he was a selfish lover and only wanted to take. Quite frankly, Austin was too pissed to even contemplate it.
 Ethan stuck out his hand, but Roman ignored it, staring at the men. “How is it that you know Austin?”
“We work together,” Ethan said.
Roman nodded. Austin wanted to rudely tell them to fuck off after Ethan butted in but bit his tongue. At some point he would have to deal with it. He could wish and hope that Ethan or Oliver got fired for their relationship at school, but he largely suspected it wouldn’t last that long. They could flaunt around town all they wanted, but he knew the guy. Their relationship was destined to crash and burn.
“Well, we just thought we’d say hi.” Oliver pursed his lips. “You should be getting your itinerary in the mail soon. We’ve got nearly two hundred new students coming in, and we changed a few things with the scheduling.”
Austin met and held Roman’s eyes. “Great. See ya, Oliver.”
The two uninvited guests finally left to sit at a table in the front of the main window. Roman reached out and brushed Austin’s hand. “You okay?”
He nodded. “I didn’t expect you to play the part of my new boyfriend, though.”
The waitress brought them their food and set it before them. After she left, Roman said, “Who said I was playing?”
“You weren’t?”
He snorted. “I don’t know. Are you totally against me asking you out for real?”
“Against? No.” Austin cut into his food. “You planning on wining and dining me or heading back to my place to fuck me six ways ‘til Sunday?”
He said it so casually that he wondered where the hell that came from. Roman looked up from his food, his brow furrowed. Austin wondered if he was judging him to see if he was serious.
“Depends,” Roman finally said. “If we do that, then I can’t work on your deck.” He forked a piece of his food and shoved it in his mouth. “I guess it comes down to which is more important?”


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