Monday, June 27, 2016


By Lexie Davis

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Outside it had started to rain, big, ugly drops that splattered on the pavement at our feet. I looked out into the darkened parking lot, spotting Jake’s motorcycle near the far corner. I knew in the back of my mind that this was a crazy idea. Smart women didn’t simply “leave” with a virtual stranger. Nor did they agree to ride in the rain on the back of a motorcycle. Yet the combination of both only aroused me more.
“Unless we take your car, we’re going to get wet.” He spoke over the rain, just loud enough for me to hear.
“It doesn’t matter. I’m already wet,” I replied, meeting his eyes.
With much haste, he ran with me to his motorcycle, and I applaud myself for not falling on my face in the five-inch stilettos and floor-length dress, although Jake’s strength was a major part of it.
Now soaked, he opened a side compartment and handed me a heavy leather jacket. A sweet gesture, and one I never expected from him. The leather was soft and dry, smelling of Jake’s cologne. I closed my eyes a brief second, simply breathing him in.
“Let’s go,” he barked.
I hurriedly donned the garment while he straddled the Harley and brought it to life. In my attempt to climb on behind him, I encountered some trouble. The formal I wore wasn’t the best motorcycle riding attire. He grinned at me, waiting impatiently for my next move and I did what I had to do. Pulling my gown up to my thighs, I whipped my leg over the seat, giving him a teasing view of my pussy. He pretended not to notice, but the bulge in his pants said he had. He’d noticed, and he obviously liked what he’d seen.
We rode into the night together, taking the back roads to what I supposed was his cabin hideaway. Women gossiped about Jake and his infamous cabin in the employee bathroom all the time. From what they’d said, he’d taken all his women there and fucked them until they begged him to stop. Karolyn, my best friend, once told me he’d hosted sex parties there every month. How she knew, I didn’t ask, but nevertheless I’d been dying to see his place ever since I’d heard it existed.
I pressed my body against his back, wrapping my arms around his waist. Rain splashed in my face as he drove at breakneck speed to get to the cabin. He was warm, despite the rain and, no doubt, he felt my pointed nipples poking into his back. With the jacket opened in the front, my now-sheer dress did nothing to hide my arousal from him.
Finally, he turned off the main road onto a little tree-lined path. The trees were tall enough to shield us from the rain, and he slowed the bike, allowing me to sit up and survey my surroundings.
The cabin fit him, dark and mysterious. From what I knew of him, everything about it screamed Jake. The scent of earth flooded my nostrils as he parked the bike and climbed off, waiting to help me. In my mind, I never saw Jake as the helpful type. I suppose his arrogance and gruff personality threw me off but to my surprise, he proved me wrong. For the second time tonight he smiled at me, a hot, sensual gleam shining in his eyes, making promises of what was to come.
I took his hand, giving him a wonderful view of my pussy again, but he stopped me. I’m not sure why, but he crashed his mouth against mine. I gave as good as I got, running my hands through his wet hair and keeping him exactly where I needed him.
He pushed my legs apart and stepped between them, sliding his hands to the bare skin underneath my dress. The rain still fell around us, but we were both oblivious to it. His fingers slipped inside me, and I whimpered into his mouth.
“You weren’t kidding about being wet,” he said, now pulling his jacket off me.
I nodded, stupidly, as the expensive jacket fell to the muddy earth. He reached for his zipper, and the familiar rasping sound echoed in the night. My pussy clenched with anticipation as the garment parted and his bare cock sprung free towards me.
“This is going to be one hell of a ride, Cupcake.” His hands slid up my thighs, gripping my ass and pulling me towards him. “You’d better hang on.”
His entry was smooth and hard, forcing my body to take every delectable inch of him. I gasped at the fullness as he seated himself to the hilt then moaned when he pulled out, only to shove in again. The rain touched every heated inch of my flesh, heightening my arousal to self-combusting degrees. Jake knew how to take care of a woman, setting the perfect age-old rhythm that left me breathless and clawing his back for release.
He was close, too. With his eyes closed and his lips peeled back from his teeth, he looked like a man in pain instead of one seeking pleasure. His back arched as he forced my legs wider. I watched each movement of his velvet-smooth cock, now covered with my juices, sliding into my body repeatedly. I leaned forward and kissed him for all I was worth, sucking on his tongue until the motorcycle rocked dangerously with his hard thrusts. And then I exploded.
“Fuck, Cupcake,” he yelled pulling his mouth away from mine. “I’m going to come.” And he did, before he’d finished his sentence.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, bathing in the afterglow, finally realizing I was also shivering from the cold, wet rain. Jake wrapped his arms tightly around me, kicked his pants to one side and lifted me off the motorcycle to carry me into the house.
I scarcely took note of my surroundings, snuggling close to Jake so that his dark, musky scent surrounded me. He didn’t pause to flip on any lights in the dark cabin as he carried me straight to the bedroom. Darkness engulfed us as I lay against silky soft sheets.
Jake flipped on the bedside lamp then started to peel my wet dress from my body. “Sorry about your outfit. It’s a shame my brother made you go out and buy something that didn’t earn its money’s worth.”
 “Oh, I don’t know.” He pulled the dress over my head with my help. “It got your attention tonight, didn’t it? I think that makes it worth it.”
He threw the wet garment to the side and it landed on the floor with a solid slap. “So you wore this dress to impress me?”
  He began undressing himself, keeping his eyes on me as he did. Honestly, I hadn’t even wanted to be at the party, much less buy and wear a dress I’d probably never use again. I truly had no intentions of seducing Jake though something about the environment, the people, the situation—it all had led me across that room to him. If the dress impressed him, so be it.
“No. I wore it because your brother said we had to dress in formal wear.”
“What the hell are you doing working for my idiotic brother, Ashlyn?” He moved over me, aligning his body with mine until his knee pressed against my center. “That mother-fucker doesn’t deserve someone as good as you.”

He moved the knee, rubbing precisely on my clit. How could he possibly want to talk at a time like this? “Your brother and my job are the last things on my mind.”

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