Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Title: Full Moon Rising
Series: Shifters of North Point Book 1
Genre: M/M paranormal
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Release Date: February 25, 2016


Ten years ago, a serum was invented to suppress the supernatural abilities of the wolf shifters of North Point. After being injected with the serum, Alex Black moved to the city and away from North Point’s wolf sanctuary, a place he’d called home all of his life. Alex lived a good life in the city as a detective that kept himself in good favor of the mayor. However, when a case of disappearing people brings him face to face with his former lover, Braden, Alex is forced to confront his past and those in it.

Braden Kohler never forgot what it felt like when his lover, Alex, told him he’d been injected with the serum to make him human. The hurt and betrayal burned deeper than he could have ever imagined. Moreover, the way the humans treated the wolf shifters hurt him more. 

When the shifters declared war on the humans, Braden accepted a role as a soldier in the rebel army. He didn't want to admit that he needed Alex's help, but his former lover was the only one that could get them what they wanted. Once they reunited, sparks fly and the desire to rekindle their romance became imminent. Can passion between two shifters override the need for vengeance  Or will these two find themselves in more trouble than they could dream of?


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