Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Release: Slow Ride

Title: Slow Ride

By: Lexie Davis

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

Length: Short story


With a blizzard taking over Chicago, traveling businessman Valentin Markovic found himself in Des Moines, Iowa, grounded until the airport opened. While there, he meets Clay Davenport, a long-haul semi-truck driver that is kind and friendly. Val is in a hurry to get back home so Clay offers to drive him to the Windy City and he accepts. But once they are alone and on the open road, desire rises and threatens to consume them. Clay isn’t into one night stands, but Val makes him want things he’s never considered before. Can a one night stand with a sexy stranger possibly turn into something more? Or will the slow ride be disastrous for them both?

*NOTE: Slow Ride is a standalone book with an HEA and no cliffhanger.


“So what’s your story?” Clay asked, trying to keep his mind off sex.

“I’m a software developer. I recently took over the Chicago office of my company. Nothing has been completely smooth in the transition so I fly back and forth monthly from Chicago to Silicon Valley to do business. This week, I went to a conference in Vegas. I presented actually. We had a new software go into beta testing, and I gave the investors the results.”

He sounded pretty accomplished to Clay. Definitely not what he’d expected, but he felt safer about riding with him nonetheless. Clay was a pretty good judge of character. On the road, he had to be.

Silence filled the cab as they ran out of things to say. The chatterbox that he normally was seemed to have taken a vacation without notifying him beforehand. He swallowed, hopelessly trying to find a topic to discuss. The only thing that came to mind was sex, and that was off limits.

“I may be completely off base here, but you’ve got the sexiest mouth I’ve ever seen.” Val smiled in the darkness. “I hope that wasn’t too forward. I just had to get that out.”

Clay didn’t know what to think of Val’s admission. He had a sexy mouth? That was new to him. He glanced over at the other man. Val was most definitely interested. Even in the darkness, Clay could see the bulge in his pants. Hell, his own dick was semi-hard.

“It was too forward,” Val commented. “I’m sorry. You’re probably not even gay.”

“No, I am. I…ah…” What did he say?

They were going down the highway at seventy miles per hour, and all he could think about was wrapping his hand around the other man’s dick. They were at least four hours from Chicago but making good time. With the snowstorm crashing through, it simply wasn’t wise to entertain thoughts of fooling around on the side of the road. But the longer the silence lingered in the cab, the more Clay wanted it.

“It’s okay. I shouldn’t have said anything. You were gracious enough to give me a ride. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

Oh, he was uncomfortable, but not in the way Val thought. His dick pressed painfully against the zipper of his pants the more he pictured the two of them naked together. He had a small bed in the back that he used for sleep when he needed to pull over. It wasn’t anything fancy or remotely designed for two people, but he was pretty sure they could make it work.

Sighing, Clay tried to push the thoughts out of his mind. They had to get to Chicago. That’s all he needed to focus on.

Val did his best to keep conversation light. They chatted about the weather, and the intense amount of snow falling on them the closer they got to the Windy City. The roads started getting more and more slick, and Clay had to slow his speed. It probably would have been a good idea to pull over nearly two hours outside Chicago and chain up. He’d thought the idea of carrying chains was ridiculous until his brother had taken him on his route in Canada. They improved traction greatly.

“I need to chain up if we’re going to make it in this damn blizzard.” He gripped the steering wheel harder and saw signs that notified of the next exit.

He glanced over at Val, and the pang of desire that had Clay in a damn uncomfortable place hit him hard. Hell, he needed a coffee. Or a bathroom break. Or any fucking excuse to get him off the highway so he could clear his mind and stop smelling the delicious scent of the man sitting next to him. Clay tried not to think of running his tongue along Val’s perfect body. The thought had slipped into his mind more than once, and he tried to shake it off. If he fooled around with Val, it would probably be the single most irresponsible thing he’d ever done.

It didn’t stop him from contemplating it though.

“I really need a coffee. You mind if I stop to get one?” Clay tried to sound casual, not to let his desire seep through to his voice. Hell, he’d been hard for a few hours, and it was damn near painful to sit there any longer. He was fairly certain, after he got his coffee and chained up the tires, he needed to jack off in the bathroom.

Val glanced over at him. “Nah. I’m fine with it.”

Clay pulled off the highway only mildly aware that the stop was full of gas stations and no coffeehouses. He turned into the first gas station and parked the rig. Fluorescent lighting made the place bright, and he glanced over at Val, trying to come up with a way to bring up the topic. How did one casually ask another man, especially a man he didn’t know, if he wanted to fuck him? Clay didn’t normally sleep with random guys, but Val made him want to. The dark hair and Mediterranean skin tone made Clay want to tear Val’s suit from his body and ravish him. He tried to stop the thoughts from rolling through his mind, but it didn’t work. Val made him want to break all the rules of sanity and walk on the wild side.

Val looked at him, a small smile on his face. As if he knew what Clay was thinking, he said, “So how do you want to do this? Me fuck you, or you fuck me?”

Clay swallowed. “Does it really matter?”

“I suppose not.” Val undid his seatbelt.

Clay waited, watching the man shift his bag out of the way so he could crawl in the back of the rig. Val seemed to know everything which surprised Clay. He hadn’t pinned Val for being someone who knew anything about the bed in the back.

As if to clarify, Val commented, “I saw the bed when I first got in. Pretty nice setup you’ve got here.”

Clay followed him to the backseat and stared at the man lying back on the small bed. Val worked on undoing his pants before he reached in and lifted out his hard cock. Clay licked his lips and met Val’s eyes while Val stroked himself.

“I’ve been thinking about your lips surrounding my cock ever since I got in this truck.” Val rubbed the thick shaft, moving slowly as he talked. “The way your tongue would feel sliding along the underside, teasing me and making me want to fuck your mouth hard.”

Clay stared at Val’s cock. “Are you going to sit there and fondle yourself, or do you want me to take over?”

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