Monday, December 21, 2015

Title: Toys from Santa

By: Lexie Davis

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand

Length: novella


Jenny Myers is counting down the days until her sister, Shelly, gets married. Having lived together since Shelly graduated college, she's in desperate need for her own space. 
The wedding is set for Christmas Day and Jenny is the maid of honor. She forgets to plan the bachelorette party and cold-calls four of her friends, neighbors and relatives to attend. But in the middle of planning the forgotten event, Dane McKenzie, the best man and brother to the groom, interrupts.
Sexual sparks fly every time Dane sees Jenny. He's an ex-marine turned businessman with a frivolous taste in women, yet Jenny Myers stops him cold. He wants her, has wanted her from the time they met six months ago at his brother's engagement party. And when he sees her sprawled out in the floor, planning a bachelorette party for her snotty sister that doesn't deserve it, he sees the perfect opportunity. After all, Christmas is the season for giving, and with the sex toys all around, Dane plans to give Jenny anything and everything she wants.

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Title: Santa Baby

By: Lexie Davis

Publisher: Totally Bound

Length: short story


Santa left Lani a gift this Christmas in the form of a tall, dark and naughty man who makes the holiday one she'll never forget.

Lani Mitchell is used to being alone on Christmas. With no family and few friends, she usually spends most holidays working, just to pass the time. When her company, Mitchell Cosmetics, adopts the local orphanage as their annual Christmas charity, she realises they need someone to dress as Santa to deliver the children's gifts. And Luke is her first choice.

Luke McGraw has been in love with Lani since she first hired him, four years ago, and with a little persuasion on her part, he consents to dress the part of Santa. He's determined to win his boss over, but because of the circumstances, he's had to keep his hands to himself…until now. He plans to give Lani a Christmas she'll never forget, starting with him dressed as Santa and ending with a wild night of passion, with her in his bed.

Whoever said a little role-playing couldn't be fun?

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Title: The Naughty List

By Lexie Davis

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Length: novellette


The naughty list never looked so nice...
There was nothing Piper hated more than the holidays. She wished that she could hibernate through them and wake up in a brand new year. Instead, her boss had her planning the company’s Christmas party, complete with him being the sexy Santa that dishes out bonus checks for those on the ‘nice’ list. 
Scott Whalen was notoriously known for being a good guy, but his alter ego was a skillful Dominant. On a prior business trip to the Bahamas, Piper made a drunken admission that she wanted to be dominated. Now, the sexy little minx gave him the perfect opportunity to give her that wish. 
She’s the only employee on the naughty list and her reward is a contract that establishes rules for a much desired affair with her boss. He’s got what she wants and he’ll give her what she needs. She must first survive the torment of a holiday party before she gets what she craves.
Be Warned: BDSM, spanking

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