Friday, November 20, 2015

Available: December 8, 2015 from Evernight Publishing

The naughty list never looked so nice.

There was nothing Piper hated more than the holidays. She wished that she could hibernate through them and wake up in a brand new year. Instead, her boss had her planning the company’s Christmas party, complete with him being the sexy Santa that dishes out bonus checks for those on the ‘nice’ list.

Scott Whalen was notoriously known for being a good guy, but his alter ego was a skillful dominant. On a prior business trip to the Bahamas, Piper made a drunken admission that she wanted to be dominated. Now, the sexy little minx gave him the perfect opportunity to give her that wish.

She’s the only employee on the naughty list and her reward is a contract that establishes rules for a much desired affair with her boss. He’s got what she wants and he’ll give her what she needs. She must first survive the torment of a holiday party before she gets what she craves.

“As you all know, I have my annual naughty and nice list. I have some of the best employees in the world and they all deserve my heartfelt gratitude and thanks for what an awesome job they do for Whalen Enterprises. As a token of my gratitude, I have presents for each one of you.”
He proceeded to call everyone up to get their gift. Piper watched as he smiled and shook hands with his employees. A crazy stirring inside her had her damn near melting with the gesture. He took care of his people and they all loved him. Some people cried when he gave them the bonus checks. He always said he wanted to make Christmas a little extra special for them each year.
“Piper Walsh.”
When he said her name, she set her glass down and walked toward the stage. She tried not to look at him as she crossed the foyer. People moved so that she could make her way to him and when she did finally meet his eyes, a searing hunger lingered there. He handed her the envelope, though he didn’t take his eyes off hers.
“You’re on the naughty list this year, just so you know.”
She frowned and walked away wondering what that meant. When she got back to the buffet table, she opened the package.
Meet me in my office when all the presents have been distributed.
She glanced back at him. What exactly was he up to? What did he want to see her about? She licked her lips and stared at the note. She was on the naughty list. God only knew what that meant. What was he going to do? Forgo giving her a bonus check and give her a lump of coal instead? Piper folded the paper back inside the envelope. She didn’t care. Anything to get this miserable holiday over with.
“Pipes, you look so beautiful. Where’s your plus one?” Nina from accounting came over to her with a big smile on her face.
“No plus one.”
“Oh, honey.” She hugged her. “We need to find you a man. Or a woman. Whatever you’re into.”
Piper cringed. “Men. And I’m fine. Thank you, though.”
Nina grinned. “This is Max. He’s my date.”
Piper nodded. “Nice to meet you.”
“I can’t believe he gives out gifts to the plus ones too. Is he hiring? I’d love to work here.” Max gave a goofy grin that nearly made Piper laugh out loud.
“Now, sugar bear. We can’t both work here. An office romance is too scandalous.”
Piper excused herself from them and walked around the people. Scott was gone and everyone went back to mingling, dancing and eating. Deciding to figure out what he wanted, she went to the elevator and went up to his office.
“Scott?” She stepped out and glanced around the dark floor. She flipped the lights on and pursed her lips. His office door was slightly ajar and she went to it, pushing it open. “Are you in here?”
Nothing. She stepped inside and saw a contract on his desk. Walking over to it, she read the title: Holiday Submissive.
“I’m giving you two options.” The sound of Scott’s voice made her jump. She turned around to see him standing in the doorway now dressed in his suit. “I’ll give you the bonus check and you can go home and curl up with your dirty book or you can sign that contract and I’ll give you a Christmas you’ll never forget.”


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