Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lucky, Texas is a small town dedicated to the alternative lifestyles of BDSM and menage. This series is published by Siren-Bookstrand and is available to purchase now.

The books:
1) Bound to Them 12/8/2014
2) Theirs to Share 10/15/2015
3) Belonging to Them 10/29/2015
4) Theirs to Love  TBD

The men:
Gunner Patton: mechanic, mayor
Jett Patton: mechanic
Killian Patton: mechanic
Asher Patton: mechanic
Brandon Reed: Fire Chief
Rowdy Ferguson: Deputy, Sheriff
Easton Cannon: EMT
Hunter Gibbs: Co-Owner of Leather and Lace
Luke Palmer: Co-owner of Leather and Lace
Kai Crawford: construction workers
Dash Talbot: construction workers

The women:
London Phillips: Candle shop owner
Misty Ramon: Reporter, assistant to London
Katy Chapman: Movie star
Alisha Chapman: real estate agent, Katy's sister

Bound to Them:

After a bad breakup, London Phillips leaves Houston for the American dream of small town living and owning her own business. She has written off men and is perfectly content in minding her own business while working hard at making Sexy Scents the next big candle company. However, she didn’t plan on four distracting male neighbors coming into the picture and helping her more than she could have ever dreamed.
Jett, Gunner, Asher, and Killian own Patton’s Auto Shop in Lucky, Texas. As proud citizens of a small town known for alternative lifestyles, they find the mysterious London Phillips alluring. While they fully intend on showing her inquisitive spirit the ways of ménage and bondage, what the four men need is love and commitment from one woman who is ready to settle down and create a life with them. London Phillips could be that woman for them, but they must find a way to convince her first.
With debt lingering over her head, the threat of needing big city money from a “real” job hangs in the balance. Can this city girl find everything she desires in Lucky, Texas or will she be forced to move back to the city and away from the four men that truly care about her?

Theirs to Share:
Reporter Misty Ramon is in Lucky, Texas to write about the uniqueness of the town for her newspaper column. However, ever since she's arrived, writer’s block has plagued her. Needing to do a bit of research, she comes up with a plan to seduce her neighbors—Fire Chief Brandon Reed, EMT Easton Cannon, and Deputy Rowdy Ferguson—into showing her the ways of the infamous bondage and menage town.
Brandon, Rowdy, and Easton are three foster brothers that grew up in the system and eventually made it to Lucky to escape the judgmental outside world. They share lovers and love bondage but they haven’t found a woman that has suited them for the long term. While Easton and Brandon instantly hit it off with Misty, Rowdy has his reserves. Trust doesn’t come easy to those that have been battered and bruised, but the sexy reporter has a way of making the men she wants come around. The three men propose a sexual adventure that knows no bounds, but the last thing Misty ever expected was to have feelings for them. 
Lucky, Texas is a magical place where love lurks around every corner. Unsuspecting bystanders may be tied up and spanked until they learn that love is what Lucky is truly about.

Belonging to Them:
Katy Chapman has gained success as an up-and-coming movie star. Picked for an erotic remake of a novel, she lands her first lead role which takes her back to her home state of Texas and into the club of a former lover she wants to forget. 
Hunter Gibbs and Luke Palmer own and operate Leather and Lace BDSM club. For two weeks, they rent out the club for a production crew to film the latest Hollywood flick, but sparks fly when Katy walks in to the room. 
Not only did Hunter introduce Katy to the wicked world of BDSM years ago, but he proposed a new idea of ménage with him and Luke. Her role has become real life, but when a stalker proposes a threat, Hunter and Luke are the only men she can count on to keep her safe. Can Katy find a way to be with two dominant men amidst the paparazzi and overall craziness that goes along with fame and fortune?

Theirs to Love:

This is about Kai and Dash finding love with Alisha.


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