Friday, October 30, 2015

Made for Two

Vampires mate for life, as the old law instructs, but the last thing on Natalie's mind is a lifetime spent with one man. Her parents' incessant need to see her mated forces her to escape to the mortal realm where she meets two deliciously sexy men, courtesy of her brother's annual Halloween party. 

Kingston and Jagger are walking sin and Natalie can't help but indulge in their company. By nightfall, her bloodlust is boiling. She succumbs to temptation and beds both men, only to learn the two humans she planned to feed on are, in fact, vampires, like herself. The mating bond has already begun and there's nothing she can do to stop it. She believed one mate would never suit her, but could she possibly be made for two?

Craving Charlotte

Charlotte Delaney took her job seriously as a lycan warlord, an enforcer to the werewolf realm. She was part of the army that kept the dangerous creatures in line and she was good at her job. But when a mysterious creature starts killing off the lycan species she resorts to seeking Chandler and Camden Roff’s help, alphas of the Forest Springs pack.
While Chandler had interest in Charlotte from day one, he leaves her defenseless in the middle of the forest for the mysterious being to attack her. Camden finds her and brings her back to the Forest Springs pack's castle for safety as well as information. Distraught with guilt, Chandler and Camden vow to protect her and find the killer being before it hurts anyone else they love. But how do you search for something you know nothing about?
Someone amongst them is lying and the untold secrets they keep could destroy the pack and their relationship forever. Their history may have started the spark, but their passion burns hot as a flame. Can two werewolves find love with the mortal woman they crave?

Seduced by Moonlight (Exotic Wolves 1)

Her life is in danger and only one man can save her.
Chloe Knight is a famous artist who is also a werewolf. She's lived all of her life in the human world thinking she belongs, but as the first full moon nears after her twenty-fifth birthday, her life changes. Inside she feels torn apart, and the sudden and constant need for sex is insatiable.
Maxim is a werewolf and leader of his pack along with his twin brother, Quinn. When he learns that a stray youngling - a werewolf that has never changed - is on their property, it's his responsibility to protect her from the other malicious packs of wolves in the area, mainly the black wolves.
The clock is ticking and their time together is short-lived. Max needs to prove to Chloe that she belongs with him and his pack before Chloe runs away from him forever, endangering herself as well as other humans. Not to mention the fact that he's fallen in love with her. He can attend to her needs, but can he win her heart?

Bound by Moonlight (Exotic Wolves 2)
Prince Charming is what she wanted, but a modern day hero is what she got.
Sasha can't stand the latest addition of the Gray Wolves family: Max's mate, Chloe. As a child, Sasha has always had a fairytale fantasy of how her life would be and when her Prince Charming, Max, chooses another female for his mate, she runs away from her pack. She thinks life as a stray is easy, until she meets a Black Wolf in a bar. Her pack warned her all her life of how dangerous and malicious they are, but there is a sudden attraction between the two, one she can't ignore.
Diego is a stray that once belonged to the Black Wolves pack. Having left because of his pack's malicious ways, he'd been living a good life on his own-until he spots a stray female on Black Wolf territory. She is the forbidden fruit that he can't have yet when he gives in to take a sample, he finds himself risking his life to have more.
The two are caught in a whirlwind of danger and passion. Sasha's pack would never consider letting a Black Wolf join their ranks and Diego isn't about to let Sasha leave the protection of the Gray Wolves. It seems like an impossible situation for both until a tragedy comes about and forces the two to combine forces. Can Sasha and Diego overcome the problems around them find true love in each other?

Forever Yours
The secrets they shared could bind them together forever…or tear them apart indefinitely.
Two years ago, Brock's single goal was to rid the world of the creatures that haunt the night as one of the most reliable vampire slayers in the world. But problems arise after a night of passion with a vampire named Dakota he couldn't seem to get enough of.
Later, Brock's current case turns personal and Dakota is the only one who can help him. They'd helped each other over the years, paying in sex and carnal deeds, but this time Dakota requested more - a lifetime together - something Brock wasn't sure he could agree to.
The secrets they share bring out a dark side of the world in which they live, and soon the two men find themselves engulfed in a war with their own kind. They have to trust each other to survive. Can they put away their stubborn pride and look past their lust to see that possibly, their love is meant to last forever?


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